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We are the Official Representatives for all of the RENFE trains in Spain, and for rail tours such as Palace on Wheels: A Week in Wonderland, Deccan Odyssey, Royal Rajasthan, and Golden Chariot of India

“From start to finish, the Palace on Wheels and Nepal exceeded my wildest expectations. Every possible need or want was anticipated and fulfilled. I could not ask for better service and am grateful for making it possible to visit India and Nepal, places where a solo traveler might encounter some difficulty. Sincere thanks to the entire staff!!”
Michael - Prospect Park,United States of America
Traveled in November, 2013 - Palace on Wheels and the Delights of Nepal

“A very memorable trip. We've travelled a lot, including a couple of luxury train trips, but this was the best.”
Richard - Worplesdon,United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland
Traveled in November, 2013 - A Week in Wonderland : Palace on Wheels

“A lot of places in just one week, we saved a lot of time while the train moved when we slept. The guides were excellent and the staff of the train very friendly and nice. We were treated like real majarahs!”
Monica - Lima,Peru
Traveled in November, 2013 - Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

“Thank you for your help with Spain. Everything was flawless (minus the glitch at the hotel in Lisboa; thank you for taking care of that)”
Jinie - ,United States of America
Traveled in October, 2013 - Spain, Portugal & Morocco

“It's was a wonderful trip India is all things good and bad. You can take any adjective in the English dictionary and use it to describe india! To all after me I would avoid the shopping as they are not honest and you can buy India things at home cheaper. And tipping look it up on line for a guide or you will overtip and stress out as a lot of money gets spent for tips. Palace tours was wonderful everything top notch..... You will not go wrong using them. I was very pleased with there servic”
Lisa - Chesapeake,United States of America
Traveled in September, 2013 - A Week in Wonderland : Palace on Wheels

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